FAQ: Drive-in Cinema

Sweden's largest Drive-in cinema is back! After last year's success, the old school outdoor cinema returns to Stockholm  – this year at Solvalla!

Between June 17th and 19th, the Nordic region's largest arena for trotting will be transformed into an outdoor cinema for the capital's car- and bicycle-owning film lovers.


Where is Drive-in theater?
You will find us at Solvalla Travbana's car park.
Address: Travbanevägen, 168 64, Bromma.

What time should I be there?
We open the gates 30 minutes before the movie starts.

Will there be food on site?
There is a Foodora Pick-up Point on site for which you can order your food. Both drinks and snacks are also offered by our partners Fontana, Tony's Chocolonely and Red Bull. We will also have sales of snacks and drinks during the show.

Is there a toilet?

How do image and sound work?
The film is displayed on a big, 80 square meter LED screen and the sound will come through your car radio. On site you will receive information about which frequency you should listen to.

Which vehicles are allowed?
All cars with a maximum height of 190 cm are welcome!

How many people can attend with my ticket?
1 membership ticket for 199 SEK = 2 people in 1 car
1 try-out ticket for 299 SEK = 2 people in 1 car
The whole car for 499 SEK = max 5 people in 1 car
Cyclist ticket for 50 SEK = 1 person

Can we leave the car?
You can of course leave your car to visit the restroom or shop. But with respect for the other visitors and their experience, it is best to stay in the car during the show.

Can I have the car running?
The car must be switched off during the entire event. The lights must not be switched on.

What do I do if the car battery runs out?
We will have jumper cables at the screenings which you will be able to borrow and use to jump start your car, if needed.

What happens in case of rain?
Then you bring an extra blanket and can cuddle in the car, the film is played as planned!

Can I cancel my ticket?
We do not offer refunds for purchased tickets.



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