Distribution support of Ukrainian films

Distribution Support from Stockholm International Film Festival made possible with the support from the Swedish Institute. The total amount of the support will be 100.000 SEK and will be granted to one applicant.

What type of support is available?

The intention is to support the theatrical release of Ukrainian films in Sweden. Release implies any viewing and promotional materials, campaigns and marketing-related expenses. These expenses must be clearly specified in the attached budget-word-template.

What are the conditions?

The grant is only available in relation to the release of Ukrainian films with a minimum duration of 72 minutes for distribution in Sweden. In order to meet the application requirements for this support, the main producer of the film must be Ukrainian.

Distributors may only apply for support for films that have been completed in 2020 or later.


When and how does the application process occur?

Applications are made via the Stockholm International Film Festival. Ensure that all required documents, i.e. release and marketing plan, release and marketing budget and budget estimates, are submitted at the time of application.

Please send in the required forms to program@stockholmfilmfestival.se
- Application form
Release and marketing budget (net excluding VAT)

The deadline to submit your application is March 24th 2023.

How are applications assessed?

Support is allocated based upon the release and marketing plan, and budget estimates as well as the film itself. The following factors will impact the decision-making process:

●  The release and marketing plan as well as calculations are credible.

●  The support would substantially increase the film’s potential to reach its audience.

●  The budget estimates are credible.

Each application is processed by the Stockholm International Film Festival. The final decision is made by the CEO of Stockholm International Film Festival.

How is the support paid out?

The grant is issued to the distributor. The total amount will be paid out within 15 days once the application has been approved.

The receiver is responsible for all taxes, duties, bank transfer fees, exchange fees and claims that may arise from the funding.
Mention of Stockholm International Film Festival

The distribution company must mention the Stockholm International Film Festival on all relevant advertising and communication media. The festival will provide the necessary material to do

How is the funding declared?

The distributor verifies and accounts for expenses by supplying certified invoice copies. A written analysis of the release and marketing of the film, as well as substantial statistics (e.g. admissions, VOD viewings, festival screenings, information on sub licensing deals, press clippings, et cetera) for analysis and additional follow-up.

The above mentioned accounting documentation must reach the Stockholm International Film Festival within six months after the film’s premiere. The Stockholm International Film Festival withholds the right to call the distributor into a financial assessment meeting.


In the event that a film which has been granted support is not released within the time frame stated in the application, either the entire funding amount or part of it may be reclaimed. Repayment of the entire grant – or a portion of it – can be demanded should the distributor veer from the original plans provided with the application, either the release and marketing plan or the budget estimate.

Required appendices

At the time of application:

●  Application form.

●  Release and marketing budget (net excluding VAT).

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