Our Secret Location Screenings

Unique movie experiences - in hidden places!

Stockholm Film Festival regularly organizes cinema screenings in exciting premises, where the place is kept secret until the very end. During the festival year 2020, the Stockholm Film Festival launched a new concept for our film-loving members - Secret Location Screenings. The concept was launched with three exclusive screenings in highly unconventional (and long secret) places around Stockholm. Due to the then prevailing pandemic, viewings were limited to a maximum of fifty guests and clues about the secret location were shared through social media. All guests who found their way to the show each brought a festival bag home afterwards. Among other things, we have had time to show Guillermo del Toro's four-time Oscar-winning »The Shape of Water« at Centralbadet and Stanley Kubrick's iconic space classic »2001: A Space Odyssey« in the old nuclear reactor hall on KTH Campus.

Keep an eye on the festival's website and in our social channels so as not to miss the next Secret Location Screening!

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