Works in Progress

Den här delen av festivalen är dedikerad till att via upp nya och spännande projekt skapade av nordiska och internationella filmskapare. I år välkomnar både lovande debutanter och erfarna veteraner dig till att ta del av fem fantastiska projekt, i ett varierat urval av stora studioproduktioner, intima dokumentärer och noga utformade draman. 

Works in Progress välkomnar ett urval av regissörer och producenter att presentera sina pågående projekt, i olika utvecklingsfaser av för- och efterproduktion. Resultatet blir en spännande möjlighet för professionella från alla delar av filmbranschen att hitta nya samarbeten och investeringar. Detta går hand i hand med vår festivals mission att framhäva och visa upp kreativa arbeten och föra branschen närmare varandra. 

NÄR? 17 november, 14:00–15:30
VAR? Mauritz, Filmhuset

OSA här!

by Tora Mkandawire Mårtens 

SYNOPSIS: "The twins Aleque and Issay are 3 years old and have just moved with their mum, dad and little sister to the megacity Beijing in China. They arrive at an empty apartment on the 26th floor, surrounded by skyscrapers and highways. It is an overwhelming experience. Aleque and Issay sleep on inflatable beds and long for their toys.

They soon start at a preschool and need to ride a school bus on their own every day. When air pollution is bad all children must wear air purification masks. Slowly, Aleque and Issay begin to familiarize themselves with everything new. They try local food and learn Chinese words. At the playground Aleque and Issay get a lot of attention from curious people who want to touch their hair and take pictures of them. Aleque and Issay begin to understand how different they look."

by Gunhild Enger

SYNOPSIS: "Stone Life is an emotional and humorous story about the Norwegian woman Silje, who runs an alternative retreat in California. On her 40th birthday her parents surprise her with a visit. They have an ulterior motive; they want to reduce her inheritance. When her father dies abruptly, she and her mother are forced to collaborate on planning a funeral. They challenge each other, nearly leading to disaster.  Ultimately, they share an existential journey together."

by Andrias Høgenni 

SYNOPSIS: "Weddings are often biopsies of complicated family tensions. On the Faroe Islands weddings are often unorganized affairs and if it is a non-alcohol wedding – which is the case in this film – there is always some car in the parking lot with a trunk full of booze. Moreover, weddings are often about everyone else besides the bride and groom.

In anything for her, we are the guests at a disaster of a wedding – where we will both laugh and cry with our main character Jákup, the stepfather of the bride and the many other peculiar guests. They toast, hold speeches, and sing songs, while they are all blissfully unaware of the fact that an uninvited guest is on his way to the party. Now Jákup must race against time to save the wedding."

by Hanna Högstedt

SYNOPSIS: "My french revolution is a story about first love, between Gabi, a French artist of Algerian descent, and Alex, a blond Swedish literature student. Through letters, they recount the story of their love to one another. As long as Gabi speaks english, she is seen as the cool parisian artist. When she starts speaking Swedish, there is a shift: Suddenly she’s seen as a North African with a thick accent. The way she’s treated is, in very different ways, a chock to them both.

Slowly Gabi starts seeking to understand her own history. They start dreaming about visiting Algeria together. Meanwhile, Alex is trying to be both family and friends to Gabi – in a Sweden where Gabi isn’t included. Their love gets slowly battered down, until Gabi realizes she can’t stay in Sweden."

by Nils Gaup 

SYNOPSIS: "The year is 1906. Shrouded in toxic fumes, 17-year-old Konrad works with sorting copper for a mining company in Sulis (Sulitjelma). An enormous activity unfolds in the isolated mining community. The mining company has sole authority, with their own police force. A young woman, Helene, gets arrested and thrown out of Sulis for inciting a riot. The social differences are huge, and the workers have no rights, least of all Konrad, who was sold as a 12-year-old to labor at a large farm not far from Sulis.

A chance presents itself for Konrad, when Olof comes riding into Sulis in American clothes and a revolver in his belt. They quickly bond, and Konrad gets a better job in the most prestigious mine. But Olof has ulterior motives; he wants a secret informant who can report on sedition in the mines. Inspired by Helene, the workers have the courage to demand better conditions. Konrad is torn between his loyalty to his coworkers and his obligation as an informant. A last attempt is made to get Helene back to unite the workers for a final stand against tyranny."


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